RPM Cloud Services

We are excited to announce our new RPM Cloud Services! This will provide you with exactly the same RPM user interface and functionality that you currently have but will allow you and your users to access RPM from any computer with an internet connection. With RPM Cloud, you will have your own virtual private cloud […]

RPM Enhancements Version 6.0.4

We have some exciting changes coming in the May upgrade! A major change involves making balances available throughout RPM. Balances will be available from every tab on the Clients screen and on all the transaction entry and processing screens. This will include balances for a date and the total account balance. Negative balance checking will […]

RPM Upgrade Changes – Shortcut Menus

We are adding shortcut menus to most of the screens in RPM! Right-click on fields on the screen to access the shortcut menu for that screen. This will allow you to select from the following options (depending on the screen):Cut/Copy/PasteFindSort/Remove SortFilter/Remove Filter Use these options more quickly and easily than with the RPM menu at […]

RPM Upgrade Changes – Vendor Payment Method

We are adding a default Payment Method to the Vendors screen! Changes to the any default options for a vendor only apply to scheduled or manual transactions that are entered AFTER the changes are made. We are adding a new prompt to allow you to open the Scheduled Payments Update screen and immediately update any […]

RPM Upgrade Changes – Quick Budget Balance

We are making it easier to get budget balances for clients! A Quick Budget Balance option will be added to the Schedule Pmts tab on the Clients screen. You will be able to click the Calculate button to quickly see the budget balance thru the specified date. The thru date will default to the end […]