Make your Representative Payee Agency more efficient with user-friendly RPM financial software.

Automate your fiduciary and guardianship data management tasks.

Is your client base growing so fast you can’t keep up with it?

Are you using a system that is outdated — or software that wasn’t made for Representative Payees? Our time-saving, life-changing RPM software can transform your agency.

Representative Payee Manager (RPM) is designed to make your agency more efficient and let you better serve your clients. Dramatically reduce the time you spend organizing paperwork and doing accounting — and get fast access to balances, transactions and reports from any computer.

Using strict, simple and transparent accounting, RPM lets you:

  • Configure mass and individual checking accounts.
  • Automate social security deposits and reporting requirements.
  • Schedule recurring payments, deposits and transfers for clients.
  • Print checks one at a time or in groups.
  • Generate batch checks to vendors.
  • Analyze vendor transactions.
  • All with built-in security that allows you to control access to client information throughout your organization.

RPM lets you streamline processes. Scale operations more easily. Gain new efficiencies. Handle more clients in less time. Get tighter controls. Greater access. And more accurate reporting. Plus a quick learning curve. A robust knowledge base. A vibrant user community. Responsive support. And options that grow with you. All from an established application designed just for representative payee agencies like yours.

“Our Agency has been using the Representative Payee Management (RPM) program for approximately 12 years. 

The software is user friendly and allows us to easily track the information we need to report to the Social Security Administration and manage funds accurately for the individuals we serve. We especially appreciate the budgeting and scheduling capabilities as well as the recently updated procedure for running statements. These features along with many more within RPM allow our staff to work effectively and efficiently. Also, Complete Computer Solutions offers great support with quick response and I appreciate their willingness to listen to user concerns and modify the program as needs arise. 

We would definitely recommend RPM to any Representative Payee Program.”

Cindy Groshek
Midstate Independent Living Choices, Inc.
RPM customer since 2009

RPM Cloud Makes It Even Simpler!

With RPM Cloud, simplifying your agency’s operations is easier than ever.

  • No startup fees.
  • Your own private cloud server.
  • Access from any internet connection.
  • Pay only for the users you need each month.
  • All RPM and Windows updates installed for you.
  • No need to bring in computer support.
  • Automatic daily backups.
  • Up to four free remote support sessions per year.
  • Microsoft Office 365 pre-installed.
  • MalwareBytes Business Antivirus.
  • Unlimited email support.
  • Unlimited clients.

What You Get with RPM and RPM Cloud


  • Basic Client Information
  • Client Demographics
  • Case Notes
  • Asset Tracking
  • Event Tracking
  • Contacts
  • Document Linking
  • Impairments
  • Test Scores
  • Photo


  • Recurring Payments and Deposits
  • Check and Deposit Entry
  • Batch Checks to Vendors and Clients
  • Print All or Selected Checks
  • Reconcile Your Bank Account
  • Mass and Individual Accounts
  • User-Defined Check Layout
  • Interest Allocation


  • Transactions by Client, Date, Type
  • Balances and Budgets
  • Income and Expense Graphs
  • Case Notes and Statistics
  • Vendor Transactions
  • Client Lists and Information
  • Reconciled and Outstanding Transactions
  • Over 160 reports with multiple variations


  • User Log-on and Password Protection
  • Security Levels for Controlling Access
  • Limit Access to Clients by Types
  • Audit Trails