Planned upgrade changes: Personal tab additions

As promised in the previous post, we’re making even more improvements to the Clients screen, on top of the ones we’ve already revealed for the Basic tab! Behold the newly reworked Personal tab! Based on your suggestions in the comments of the Clients screen blank space poll (summary here:, we’ve made several additions, which […]

Planned upgrade changes: Clients screen additions

Remember the very first poll we sent out back in March, where I asked if you had suggestions for what to put in the blank space on the Clients screen? (For a refresher, check out the poll results here: We’ve been working on incorporating your ideas. Now, it’s time to lift the curtain and […]

Planned upgrade changes – New payment methods!

You spoke up, and we made it happen! In May, we polled our RPM users to determine which new payment methods to add to the software. You can see the results of that poll here:   Based on those responses, we’ve decided to add three additional payment methods to RPM!   Since more than […]

Poll results: “Skip this payment” option

More of you responded to this poll than ever before, and the consensus was clear: We definitely need to add a “Skip this payment” option to the Process Scheduled Payments screen! Nearly 70% of the comments were enthusiastic about how helpful this would be while processing recurring payments (many with capital letters, exclamation points, and […]

Planned upgrade changes – Reset buttons

It’s that time of year again…time to reveal some of the exciting new features we’ll be adding to RPM in August with our version 6.0.8 upgrade! We all make mistakes. Sometimes those mistakes aren’t easily fixed, like tripping while carrying a wedding cake or getting a tattoo of a misspelled word. In RPM, though, unlike […]