Poll results: New payment methods

Drumroll, please… The results of this highly requested poll are in, and the verdict is as follows: While many of you are satisfied with the current payment methods in RPM, more than half of the respondents say they would use additional payment methods if we added them! I specifically asked about “ATM/Cash Withdrawal” and “Credit […]

Did someone say training videos?

I recently spoke to a client who told me, “I can learn how to do anything, I just need someone to show me once first.” That conversation, combined with what I’ve heard about different learning styles (visual, auditory, and kinesthetic, among others), inspired me to focus more on re-recording, consolidating, and adding to RPM’s repertoire […]

Poll results: Case note editing

I’ll get off your case (notes)…just as soon as you check out these poll results!   Last week, I sent out a poll asking for input on the idea of editing other users’ case notes in RPM. This poll was very popular—thanks, everyone, for your responses and comments!   My first question was about whether […]

Poll results: Social media

And the winner is…”none”! Last week, I asked about the social media platforms you use professionally. Out of all the respondents, the majority (64%) indicated that they either use social media personally (rather than professionally) or not at all. Of the folks who do use social media professionally, 44% use more than one platform. Of […]