Poll results: “Skip this payment” option

More of you responded to this poll than ever before, and the consensus was clear: We definitely need to add a “Skip this payment” option to the Process Scheduled Payments screen!

Nearly 70% of the comments were enthusiastic about how helpful this would be while processing recurring payments (many with capital letters, exclamation points, and the word “please” several times). In fact, the word “helpful” appeared in a full third (33%) of all comment responses.

Here are the full results of the first multiple-choice question in the poll, which asked how many of your payments are scheduled (as opposed to manually entered):

For the second question in the poll, I was interested in seeing how many of the people who consistently use scheduled payments are already skipping instances of those scheduled payments when processing them. The following graph represents the responses of the entrants who indicated they schedule most or all of their payments:

Note that this graph represents only the responses of those who schedule most or all of their clients’ payments.

As you can see, skipping instances of scheduled payments is a common occurrence overall, which means a button to make this simpler seems like a worthwhile addition to the software.

There were a few responses to the effect of, “Can’t you just change the next payment date?” The answer to that is, yes, of course—and you can continue to do it that way even if we add a “Skip” button. The button would simply make it easier to push the payment off to the next upcoming payment date according to the selected payment frequency without having to calculate when that date would be.

We appreciate everyone’s honest input into these poll questions! As always, if you have any additional thoughts or suggestions, don’t hesitate to let me know.

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