Planned upgrade changes – Ending scheduled transactions

Nothing lasts forever, not even those transactions you scheduled to recur indefinitely. Whether you want to end a single scheduled transaction immediately or a whole group of them at once, this upgrade change will help you let bygones be bygones.


The first new element is an End Now button we’ve added to the scheduled payments, deposits, and transfers on the Clients screen, respectively. For each of these transaction types, you’ll be able to end the transaction’s recurrence immediately with one click, which will inactivate the transaction and remove it from the counts on the Dashboard.


Here’s an example of what it looks like to end a scheduled deposit using the new button:

In addition to ending individual clients’ scheduled transactions one at a time, we’ve also made it possible to end a group of transactions all at once using the Schedule Update utilities.

For example, imagine that your clients are all switching away from cable to use streaming services for their television. Instead of copy/pasting an end date into each scheduled payment being made to this fictional cable company, all the payments can now be ended at once by entering an “End Date” on the Scheduled Payments Update screen. Simply type the end date in the “Update Payments” section, hit Update All, and voila! The payments are now inactive (or will become inactive after the specified end date).

Cheers to cleaning up your Dashboard and only counting the scheduled transactions that are actually active!


Will this be useful for you? Comment below and let me know!

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