Poll results: Social media

And the winner is…“none”!

Last week, I asked about the social media platforms you use professionally. Out of all the respondents, the majority (64%) indicated that they either use social media personally (rather than professionally) or not at all.

Of the folks who do use social media professionally, 44% use more than one platform. Of these platforms, 81% use Facebook, and 62% use LinkedIn. Check out this graph of the results*:

*Please note that each respondent might have selected more than one answer, so this graph does not reflect a one-to-one correspondence between respondents and y-axis answer values.

For those of you who use Facebook professionally, great news—RPM already has a Facebook page! “Like” us here: RPM on Facebook

In addition to the social media platforms, I also asked respondents to tell us their age group. I was interested to see whether different age groups would have different patterns of professional social media usage.

It’s a popular notion that younger people are more active on social media than older people. In our data, though, this trend was reversed—100% of our respondents in the 26–35 age group indicated that they did not use social media professionally, while 80% of our respondents aged 65 and over did! Of course, this is a small sample size (and I suspect a poll about personal social media usage might yield different results), but it’s interesting nonetheless.

In the comments of the poll, there were a few concerns raised that I want to address.

  • First, we absolutely do not recommend posting any information about your clients on social media, and we would never post any of your clients’ or your company’s personal information! Our social media will only ever be used for communicating with you about RPM features, updates, events, and opportunities.
  • Our social media won’t take the place of other communication methods. We’ll still email you about all crucial information; social media is just an additional way to stay in touch and interact with our client companies.
  • Social media isn’t a priority for every Rep Payee company, and that’s okay! It can be a useful tool for marketing your services and networking with other agencies, but it’s just that—a tool, not a necessity.

Many thanks to everyone who responded to our poll. I’ll be sending out another one next week, so don’t miss it!

What do you think about these results? Are you surprised, or is this about what you expected? Let me know in the comments below!

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