Poll results: Single- or double-column balance reports

One question, two options, over FIFTY votes! We love and appreciate our RPM community!


First things first: The graph below shows the results of the voting. By a narrow margin, the existing double-column format of the balance reports won out!

Since 23 of you were interested in a single-column option, we’re still going to look into adding one in the next upgrade. Don’t worry—we wouldn’t completely replace the space-saving double-column format that 28 of you prefer. It would be a separate option on the reports.


In addition, there were several comments suggesting we alphabetize the clients down each column instead of across the page. I agree that this would be easier to read! We’ll definitely work on it.


We also received some feedback about other types of reports that could be added or altered in RPM. While I won’t go into detail about those requests here, rest assured that we’ve seen your suggestions and that we’ll be adding them to our list.


Thanks, everyone! Stay tuned for another poll next week.


P.S. If you missed this poll but still have feedback on this topic, feel free to email us or use our feedback form!

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