Poll results: Case note editing

I’ll get off your case (notes)…just as soon as you check out these poll results!


Last week, I sent out a poll asking for input on the idea of editing other users’ case notes in RPM. This poll was very popular—thanks, everyone, for your responses and comments!


My first question was about whether there should be unlimited access, limited access, or no access for users to edit case notes. Just over half of you thought there should be a security option to allow select users to edit case notes. Here are the full results:


I also asked how likely you would be to edit a case note entered by another RPM user. Just over half (53.4%) of you said you were either somewhat or very likely to do this; in contrast, the largest group overall for any one response (28.9%) indicated they were very unlikely to change someone else’s case note. Check out the detailed breakdown here:


In addition to these multiple-choice answers, many of you left comments with your suggestions and concerns. I’ll address a few of the common themes:

  • Six people suggested that there should be an edit history or audit event to track changes made to case notes. We’ll definitely look into the best option for this to ensure case notes won’t be changed without documentation.
  • Four people proposed that, instead of changing the case notes, there could be a way to comment on them or reply to them in a thread. We’ll have to think about whether this is possible, but it’s an interesting idea!
  • Several respondents were concerned about the security implications of unrestricted edit access being given to all users in the system. We take these concerns incredibly seriously, and in light of them, we’re leaning toward including a security option that could be turned on for select users at your discretion or kept off for everyone. This way, it would be possible to retain the current level of restriction to case note editing at your company, or edit access could be given only to administrative users (or to whichever users you were comfortable with).


Last, several of you mentioned that you’d like to be able to remove old, outdated case notes from your clients’ records. Good news—RPM already allows you to archive old case notes! Simply open the Archive Case Notes utility and enter a date before which all older case notes will be archived. If you have more questions about this process, shoot me an email at rpm@rpmccs.com, and I’d be happy to guide you through it.


Again, I want to thank everyone for your thoughtful responses. Your feedback helps make RPM the best it can be!


Next week’s poll about payment methods is already in the works, so don’t miss it!

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