Did someone say training videos?

I recently spoke to a client who told me, “I can learn how to do anything, I just need someone to show me once first.” That conversation, combined with what I’ve heard about different learning styles (visual, auditory, and kinesthetic, among others), inspired me to focus more on re-recording, consolidating, and adding to RPM‘s repertoire of training videos.


For those of you who learn best by being shown the steps of a process (rather than simply reading about it), I want to direct your attention toward a new “Training videos” section of our Knowledge Base at rpmccs.com/resources. The leading article lists all our training videos for you to browse through, and the “Articles with videos” dropdown list shows all the Knowledge Base articles that contain video tutorials.


The section can be accessed directly through this link: https://rpmccs.com/resources/training-videos/


I’m still working on scripting, recording, and editing even more training videos, but the ones we already have up are a great start! If you have any suggestions for new training videos you’d like to see, please let me know—I want to focus on ones that are as useful for you as possible.

Cheers to learning how to utilize RPM to its full potential!

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