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Training videos

Check out all of our RPM training videos here! Use the Table of Contents menu on the left to navigate quickly to the topic you want to learn about.

If you have a suggestion for another training video you’d like to see, let us know!


This video shows an overview of the main screens across RPM.

RPM Cloud intro

See a step-by-step demonstration of how to log in to RPM Cloud for the first time, print checks from Cloud, and transfer files between Cloud and your local computer.

Adding users

Here, you’ll learn how to add new users to RPM.

If you’re using RPM Cloud, keep in mind that you’ll have to ask us to add additional users’ access to your Cloud server, too!

Entering one-time deposits

This video demonstrates how to enter a one-time deposit for a client.

Entering one-time payments

This video demonstrates how to enter one-time payments to clients or to vendors.

Scheduling transactions by client

Learn how to create a scheduled payment, deposit, or transfer for a single client.

Schedule create utilities

Here, you’ll learn how to create scheduled payments and deposits for multiple clients at the same time.

Schedule update utilities

This walks you through how to update the details of scheduled payments and deposits en masse instead of one by one.

Other date when processing scheduled transactions

This video shows how to process scheduled transactions for another date, if, for example, the next scheduled date occurs on a weekend or holiday.

Remove a void check

Here, you can see the process of removing the void on a check.

Reset checks

If your checks didn’t print correctly, or if you need to print them again for any reason, this video will show you how to reset them.


This is a basic walkthrough of how reconciliation works in RPM.