Poll results: New payment methods

Drumroll, please…

The results of this highly requested poll are in, and the verdict is as follows: While many of you are satisfied with the current payment methods in RPM, more than half of the respondents say they would use additional payment methods if we added them!

I specifically asked about “ATM/Cash Withdrawal” and “Credit Card” payment methods and whether you would use one, both, or neither to apply to your clients’ payments. You can see the full results from that question here:

In addition to the multiple-choice question, many of you had other ideas about payment methods that would be useful for you. Common suggestions included True Link, bill pay, debit card, and XEFT specifically for individual accounts. Here’s a graph of the number of times these options were suggested:

*Please note that this graph only shows suggestions that appeared more than once in the poll results.

We’ll look into the feasibility of adding more payment methods in our upcoming version upgrades. Regardless of whether we make these options available, be assured that you will always be able to continue using the current payment methods in the system, even if more are added.

We’ve also already been working on a way to export XEFT payments to NACHA files from individual accounts. More on that later, after the testing is finalized.

Thank you, everyone, for keeping us in the loop about what would make your lives and workflows easier! Stay tuned for more polls in the upcoming weeks.

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