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Exporting payments

XEFT transactions can be used to export transactions from RPM for both payments to clients and payments to vendors. Payments to clients can be exported to a debit card or another bank account. The overall process is outlined below.

Enter routing and account numbers

A routing number and account number can be entered for each client on the Personal tab of the Clients screen.

Routing and account numbers can be entered for each vendor on the Vendors screen. You can default the payment method for a vendor to XEFT.

Tip: To set a default payment method for all new vendors, use the System Settings screen.

Schedule and process XEFT payments

On the Schedule Pmts tab on the Clients screen, use the XEFT payment method for any scheduled transaction you want to export to a client or a vendor.

You can see the XEFT payments on the Transactions screen. The “Exp.” column will be checked when the payments have been exported.

Export transactions to a file

Use the Export XEFT Transactions screen under the File, Import/Export menu to export the transactions to a file. That file can then be sent to your bank. Two standard file formats are available (CSV and NACHA file), which you can select based on the requirements of your bank.