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System Settings

There are several System Settings options you can set for RPM using the System Setup screen under the Utilities, Set Up menu. Information about some of these options are below. Click Help when the screen is open to see the full help topic.

Changes made to the System Settings will apply to all users in RPM.

When you enter new clients or vendors, RPM can automatically capitalize the first letter of each word in a name or address. You can turn this on or off by checking or un-checking the “Auto-Capitalize Name and Address for Clients/Contacts/Vendors” option. (1)

When you print reports in RPM, you have the option to hide the SSN. If you want this option turned on by default, check the “Hide SSN” option on the System Settings. The reports screen will then automatically hide the SSN when you run reports. You uncheck the “Hide SSN” option on a report if you want to show the SSN on the report. (2)

You can show the newest case notes first on the Clients screen if you check the option “Use descending date order on Client Information“. The newer dated housing, events, case notes, test scores and assets will display at the top. (3)

You can warn about or prevent negative balances when you enter or process payments by selecting either “Warn” or “Prevent” for the Negative Balance Check option. (4)