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Check Layout

RPM does not use one specific type of check. The layout can be customized in RPM to work with most checks. Use the Check Layout screen under the Utilities, Set Up menu in RPM to set up your check layout. See the Check Layout topic from the User Guide for full details.

You can use either pre-printed checks or blank check paper with RPM. If you have one mass account, you can use pre-printed checks. If you have more than one mass account and/or individual accounts, you should use blank check paper. RPM will print all the information on the checks so you can print checks for all accounts at the same time. Select Use Numbered Checks for the Check # option if you are using pre-printed checks. For blank check paper, select Print Check Numbers.

On the Sample Layouts tab, you can quickly switch between the available sample layouts. Click Use Layout to change to a different layout. Click Test Check to see how that layout prints. Click Save to save the changes to your check layout or click Close to close without saving the changes.