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Importing Deposits

If you receive an electronic file for your deposits, you can import that into RPM using Import ACH Deposits on the File, Import/Export menu. Details are below. The topic from the User Guide is available here:

Importing ACH Deposits

There are three standard formats available: a CSV file, a fixed length file or a NACHA file. A NACHA file is the preferred option.

The CSV file is a comma delimited file with the following fields:

  • Transaction Date (formatted as mm/dd/yy or mm/dd/yyyy)
  • Amount
  • Social Security Number/Claim Number (numbers/letters only – no dashes)
  • Deposit Type
  • Client Name

The fixed length text file is a text file with the following format:

  • Transaction Date: 8 characters, positions 1- 8
  • Amount: 10 characters, positions 9 – 18
  • Social Security Number: 9 characters, positions 19 – 27
  • Claim Number: 3 characters, positions 28 – 30
  • Deposit Type: 50 characters, positions 31 – 80
  • Client Name: 50 characters, positions 81 – 130

A NACHA file is a standard banking industry file format.

If your file is in another format, RPM can be customized to use your bank’s file format. The cost for adding a custom deposit file format to the RPM import process is $1000. You would need to send a sample file from your bank so we could make sure that we would be able to use the file. We can then provide a proposal based on your specific file format.

Regardless of the file format, though, the file must contain the information below and should be one line in the file for each deposit record:

  • Transaction Date
  • Deposit Amount
  • Social Security or Claim #
  • Deposit Type (SSI, SSA, etc. – RPM deposit category)
  • Client Name (optional – for displaying unmatched deposits)

Samples of the standard files are below. You can download and unzip the sample files. Use Notepad, not Excel, to open the sample files to view.

CSV Sample File

Fixed Length Text Sample File

NACHA Sample File