Planned RPM Upgrade Changes – Reconcile Report Subtotals

We will be adding reconciled subtotals by payment method to the reconciliation report. An example showing this change is highlighted below.

Two other changes to reconciliation have been also requested but not yet scheduled:
1. Including the subcategory for deposits.
2. An option to toggle the displayed client name from “last, first” to “first last”.

Please comment if you are interested in these or any other changes to reconciliation. We appreciate your feedback!

8 thoughts on “Planned RPM Upgrade Changes – Reconcile Report Subtotals

  1. Is there a select all in reconciliation that I am missing? It would make our reconciliation much faster. Thanks for all the up to date information.

  2. I’m not seeing the benefit of this, per se. What exactly was the objective?
    Please expound on the “subcategory for deposits” Does that mean: SSA, Pension, Misc deposit categories will display and their amount will be beside it? If so, how about a subcategory for the monthly debits, such as: Rent, utilities, Misc, Phone, etc.

  3. Instead of a or with the clear range tab. A box above the clear date that we can check to check all the deposit or payments for a client. in the select completed statement ending box please let us see what the last date was. at the bottom for each payments and deposits it would be nice to see the numbers that have been cleared. ( like if there was 45 deposits cleared by bank we can match that number) the amount if helpful. I do love the sort for this page and the search.

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