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Account types

You can use mass and/or individual checking accounts in RPM. Regardless of which you use, RPM will track the actual balance for each individual client.

Mass account

This is a bank account shared by one or more clients. All deposits are made into the shared account. Payments are made for all clients from the shared account. All transactions are tracked through the shared account. RPM keeps track of each individual client’s transactions and balance.

Using a mass account has some benefits. A single batch check can be sent to a vendor for multiple clients. You may be able to automatically import electronic deposits from your bank (see Importing deposits). There is only one account to reconcile. You may also be able to get an interest-bearing account, and the interest can be automatically distributed to the clients.

Individual account

This is a bank account belonging to one specific client. Deposits are made into each client’s account. Payments are made for each client from their own account. Individual transactions and balances are tracked for each client.

Regardless of the type of account(s) used, all money in RPM will be assigned to individual clients.