Planned Upgrade Changes – reconcile clear/unclear all

We are adding new buttons to the Reconcile screen to automatically clear or unclear all transactions at once. Clear All will automatically check every transaction on the statement that is not already cleared. Unclear All will remove the check for every cleared transaction. Clear Range will still be available to clear a range of deposits […]

Planned Upgrade Changes – budget report

We are adding a new budget report option. The current budget report includes the client’s current balance and any scheduled transactions that have not yet been processed through a date. An example of this is below. We have had requests for budget reports that do not include the client’s current balance and can be run […]

Planned RPM Upgrade Changes – Reconcile Report Subtotals

We will be adding reconciled subtotals by payment method to the reconciliation report. An example showing this change is highlighted below. Two other changes to reconciliation have been also requested but not yet scheduled: 1. Including the subcategory for deposits. 2. An option to toggle the displayed client name from “last, first” to “first last”. […]

RPM Upgrade Schedule

RPM upgrades are released twice a year. Effective 3/1/2023, upgrades will be released in August and February. Upgrades include both enhancements to RPM as well as fixes for any issues found. Many upgrades are the result of suggestions from our users. Please let us know if there is something you’d like to see added to […]

RPM Knowledge Base

We are pleased to announce our new RPM Knowledge Base web page. With this addition, we now have both a community to share and collaborate between users and a database of knowledge gained by working with you. We hope combining these tools with our personal support staff makes RPM an even better solution for your agency. […]