Becky Prefontaine

We transitioned to RPM from a multi-program in-house modified accounting software a year and a half ago. We were considering 3 different software programs and ultimately decided on RPM because it brought everything we wanted into 1 system and felt so personalized for our type of work. Our old software was very time-consuming with manual entries and 2 different systems where we had to send out for our checks to be printed. RPM changed our processes for the better where we can print our own checks and have easier access to all the client information on one screen. RPM allowed us to manage our client base seamlessly. We have anywhere from 120-150 clients and that number keeps rising. Because of RPM, we won’t have to put a limit on how many clients we can handle. The demo was fantastic and allowed us to really be able to explore everything RPM had to offer and allowed us to be able to ask the questions we were unsure about before purchasing. We haven’t had to call for support yet because the user manual is so easy to read and helpful that any questions we had have been answered by the manual. RPM has been a real game changer for our department and we have been thrilled with everything RPM has had to offer!

Genesee County Dept Of Social Services

RPM customer since 2019