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Transferring files to and from Local PC

Method 1: Using a Web Browser or the Remote Desktop Connection App

Step One – Upload files from local PC to the RPM Cloud Server

Drag and drop files from your local PC to the browser or Remote Desktop Connection application. The files will be transferred in your ‘’Downloads’’ folder in the Cloud computer.

Step Two – Download files from RPM Cloud Server to local PC

Right click on the file you want to download and click ‘’Download to local PC’’. The file will be downloaded to your local Downloads folder via the browser.

Method 2: Using RDP via the Remote Desktop Connection App

Step One

Using this method, users can access the local computer files from the RPM Cloud Server. Open “File Explorer” from the RDP window (RPM Cloud Server). Click “This PC”.

Step Two

Click on the “C on [your local pc name]” and you have access to the files on your local pc.