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Using Microsoft Office in RPM Cloud

Microsoft Office 365 is pre-installed on your RPM Cloud server. Using Office is optional and is NOT required to run RPM. Sign in with your Microsoft account to use the office applications. Microsoft only allows the following licenses to be used: Microsoft 365 E3, E5, Apps or Business Premium. If you are unsure what license you have, you can attempt to sign-in to one of the Office applications. For example, open Excel in RPM Cloud and enter your Microsoft Sign in information. A message will be displayed if you do not have a valid license type.

If you don’t use Office on your RPM Cloud server, you can still use it on your local workstation. There are two ways to do that.

Exporting to Excel

Select Excel when previewing a report or query to export the results to Excel.

Excel will display a “UNLICENSED PRODUCT” message if you are not signed in with a valid Microsoft account. Note the name of the exported spreadsheet and close Excel.

Open File Explorer.

Reports are exported to the Reports folder under your RPM Client folder located in C:\Users\YourUserName where YourUserName is your name. Right-click on an exported report and select Download to local PC to send the file to the Downloads folder on your local workstation. Open it with Office on your local workstation.

Copy and Paste to Excel

The Query button is available for some reports in RPM, including all Custom reports.

Click Query to view the report data in a list format. When the results are displayed, use Ctrl-A on your keyboard to select all records. Use Ctrl-C to copy the records to your clipboard. Open Excel on your local workstation and use Ctrl-V to paste the results into your spreadsheet.