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Backups for RPM Cloud

This article only applies to RPM Cloud licenses. To view the type of license you have, open the System Info screen under the RPM Help menu.

We handle all RPM Cloud backups—you don’t need to do any backups manually.

Whole-server backups

Your entire RPM Cloud server is backed up every night.

This backup includes everything on the server. That means it encompasses your RPM data and all files saved on the server, in the “Shared” folder and in any individual user folders.

These whole-server backup snapshots are retained for 7 days.

RPM data backups

The data within your RPM application is backed up nightly as part of your whole-server backup. This data is always backed up at 3:00 a.m. (your local time).

Each day of backed-up RPM data is retained for 30 days. After that, the first data backup of each month is retained for 12 months.


Let’s say you mistakenly deleted some important files from the “Shared Folder” on your Cloud server (and emptied your Recycle Bin, too!). If this happened one week ago or less, we could restore those files from your whole-server snapshot backups.

If, for example, you accidentally deleted all the notes for a client in RPM and you wanted to restore them from your RPM data from a month ago, we could do that (we’ve never had anyone need to, but we’re always prepared). This wouldn’t bring back any missing files on your Cloud server, but we could save any lost or messed-up information in RPM from any day within the last month.

If, for some even stranger reason, you needed to restore your RPM data from a year ago, that’s also possible (I can’t imagine why, but again, we’re prepared!). You could select any month and return to the RPM data from the beginning of that month.