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Adding Clients

Click the New button on the Clients screen to add a new client.

  1. If you enter the social security number first, RPM will check for duplicates.
  2. The client’s name should be entered.
  3. The address should be entered if you want to mail checks to the client.
  4. The Status section allows you to separate your clients into different groups or categories. You can run reports or process transactions using these options. Use the List Maintenance screen to add values to these lists.
  5. If you are using a mass account, assign that account to the client in the Mass Account(s) section.
  6. If you are using individual accounts, enter the details for the client’s account in the Individual Account(s) section.

Repeat these steps to add additional clients.

On the Reports screen, select the Client report section and then select the Client List report. Click Report to display the list of clients entered in RPM.