Sunny Rae Yocom

I am a single person doing Rep Payee services and limited case management for my clients. I CANNOT IMAGINE trying to handle this case load without RPM. I have used Microsoft Money (no longer available), QuickBooks, Excel, and by hand accounting. RPM was designed for the Rep Payee and it is PERFECT! I love this system!!! I can provide each client with a personalized touch to their money and give them the information they want at the click of a button. Reports are easy to pull and make reporting to SSA a breeze!

Anyone who wants to be a Representative Payee for one person or a million, RPM is the way to go!

All In Fiduciary Services

RPM customer since 2017

Melanie Kleiner

Our organization started using RPM almost 3 years ago to track our payee clients. We have been so happy with this decision. Prior to this we were using excel and while that was better than doing it by hand RPM is vastly improved. We can pull reports with ease to give to our clients and for statistical usage when applying for insurance etc.

It is very user friendly and doesn’t need a lot of training if you are used to using any kind of accounting software.

The tech support is great! We ask a question and generally have an email reply within 24 hours. They are also receptive to additional ideas for improvement on reporting and are continually updating and improving the software based on recommendations from those of us who use the software.

I would definitely recommend to any company to try using RPM to streamline your payee operations.

Guardians Of Northeast Iowa Inc

RPM customer since 2020

Jenny Duval

RPM has been a great addition to our Representative Payee program!  The software is easy to use and has greatly increased our efficiency with managing our clients’ finances.  The reporting features have been very helpful in increasing accountability and communication with clients, vendors and community partners.  We are so pleased to have made the change to the RPM software!

Family Service Association

RPM customer since 2021

Cindy Groshek

Our Agency has been using the Representative Payee Management (RPM) program for approximately 12 years.

The software is user friendly and allows us to easily track the information we need to report to the Social Security Administration and manage funds accurately for the individuals we serve. We especially appreciate the budgeting and scheduling capabilities as well as the recently updated procedure for running statements. These features along with many more within RPM allow our staff to work effectively and efficiently.  Also, Complete Computer Solutions offers great support with quick response and I appreciate their willingness to listen to user concerns and modify the program as needs arise.

We would definitely recommend RPM to any Representative Payee Program.

Midstate Independent Living Choices, Inc.

RPM customer since 2009

Erica Stilwell

RPM makes accounting and all payeeship duties so much more simple. Annual accounting is quick and accurate with the various reports you can find with a simple click. Since switching to RPM, my organization was able to double our caseload with ease. Reconciliations have never been easier. The system even tracks address changes for easy reporting. I am confident that my organization could serve double what it is now and still manage the workload effectively with the help of RPM’s software.

Stilwell Payee Services

RPM customer since 2018

Tyler Amundson

RPM has been a blessing to our work.  It is the first software we have found that is geared toward a payee program and due to that it gives us time to focus on our clients.  The user-friendly software helps us to track financials, case notes and find things from our history very quickly.  The ease of reports helps us to gather information to share across our organization and our staff does not waste time mining information from the system.  Without RPM we could not care for our clients the way we do today.

Big Sky Senior Services

RPM customer since 2016

Becky Prefontaine

We transitioned to RPM from a multi program in house modified accounting software a year and a half ago. We were considering 3 different software programs and ultimately decided on RPM because it brought everything we wanted into 1 system and felt so personalized for our type of work. Our old software was very time consuming with manual entries and 2 different systems where we had to send out for our checks to be printed. RPM changed our processes for the better where we can print our own checks and have easier access to all the client information on one screen. RPM allowed us to manage our client base seamlessly. We have anywhere from 120-150 clients and that number keeps rising. Because of RPM we won’t have to put a limit on how many clients we can handle. The demo was fantastic and allowed us to really be able to explore everything RPM had to offer and allowed us to be able to ask the questions we were unsure about before purchasing. We haven’t had to call for support yet because the user manual is so easy to read and helpful that any questions we had have been answered by the manual. RPM has been a real game changer for our department and we have been thrilled with everything RPM has had to offer!

Genesee County Dept Of Social Services

RPM customer since 2019

Donene Seelbach

The Arc of New Mexico Rep Payee Program has been using RPM since 2008. The RPM Program is easy to use and train new employee’s on. The reports that the RPM program generates satisfies Social Security, Income Support Division, and Judges requirements as it covers everything in detail. The program has a “user friendly” layout. Complete Computer Solutions staff are very responsive to emails and calls. This program is amazing.

Rep Payee Program Manager – The Arc of New Mexico

RPM customer since 2008

Anne Bosler

RPM really streamlines our Payee program. We have 150+ clients and I cannot imagine dealing with individual checking accounts for our customers. Thanks to RPM, we have one consolidated account.

RPM enables us to track statistics very easily. It has made payee reporting to the Social Security Administration as simple as pointing, clicking, and typing in a date range.

The reports are also very user friendly. We can easily view our client’s accounts; easily see the transactions, a running balance of the activity on their account, and a summary of their various expenditures – detailed to any level you want.

Another stand out feature is the bank reconciliation process. The software makes this process very simple.

I would recommend this program to other agencies who provide payee services without hesitation!

Representative Payee Associate – Hope Haven

RPM customer since 2012

Rita Sanders

We have used RPM for about 4 years now. It made my life so much easier! It is a very user-friendly program, easy to learn, and records everything. We changed from Quickbooks to RPM and because this program is designed for rep payees it cut back on so much labor. It is easy to record transactions, deposits on a daily basis, but scheduled payments and scheduled deposits are awesome. Some bills that are the same amount every month, like rent, can be processed with a click of a button, same for deposits.  Also the report options are great, very easy to make the annual reports to the Social Security Administration, create and send monthly reports as needed. We love RPM. 🙂

Empowerment Programs, Inc.

RPM customer since 2018

Lisa Levendusky

We recently moved to RPM from a manual, labor-intensive process using a modified accounting software – along with spreadsheets – to track client spending. We were unable to increase our client base, due to the inefficiencies of our current processes. We compared RPM to another product that we had been leaning toward for a couple of years. The RPM demo really made an impression on our team. The cost savings between the two products was significant. RPM stores information that we had only dreamed of having access to in the past. They’ve thought of everything. We ran a dual system for one month, and in doing so, it really became apparent how easy RPM was compared to our old system. Emails to support are answered almost immediately, and most of the time the answer is already within the documentation. We’ve only been on RPM for a few months, but we are already seeing the benefits of having information at our fingertips, so that we can make spending decisions, answer questions and serve our clients quickly. We highly recommend RPM for its ease of use, fabulous support, and the overall benefit to our organization.

Accounting Director – Exceptional Persons, Inc.

RPM customer since 2019

Shelly Wieland

The best investment we made for our business is our software, RPM (Representative Payee Manager). Our software is specifically designed for our kind of business, and even though the initial investment was large, we could not do our work without the software and the computers.

Director – Guardian Angel Life Services, Inc

RPM customer since 2006

Tim Weidner

RPM has really helped the Freestore Foodbank streamline our Payee program so we can spend more time with our customers and less time on accounting.  We used to have 600 individual checking accounts for our customers but thanks to RPM, now we have one consolidated account.  Before RPM, we had six people come in for an hour or two and check our bank accounts online for deposits on the first and third of the month.  Now with RPM’s bank import feature, one person simply imports all the deposits right into RPM and not have to worry about any inaccuracies.  Our customer’s wait time has really been reduced because we know they have the funds in their account and funds can be disbursed.  We are now also able to electronically transmit funds to landlords and other vendors very easily.  No more lost checks in the mail!  We even setup savings accounts for individual customers and electronically transfer funds using RPM so they do not have to travel downtown to get their weekly check.  RPM does a great job tracking and reporting all this.  We love their thorough software documentation and new updates that come out twice a year.

The Freestore Foodbank is a social services organization serving 20 counties throughout Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.  We have one of the largest Representative Payee programs in Cincinnati serving nearly 600 individuals who need Payee services.

CFO – Freestore Foodbank

RPM customer since 2012

Janet Kimmel

We have been using RPM for approximately one year and have been impressed with the efficiency of the program.  It has enabled our office to better serve our clients and to track statistics much more easily than we could before.  Also, the support we have received in implementing this program has been phenomenal.  Whenever we have had any problems or concerns, Complete Computer Solutions has been more than willing to help us work through them.  They helped make the transition as smooth as possible.  I would recommend this program to other agencies who provide protective payee services.

Office Manager – Scott County Community Services Department

RPM customer since 2004

Cheryl Dyer

Lane County Mental Health has used RPM since December 2002.  We currently manage funds for 150 clients.  RPM is user-friendly, therefore we are able to have the software installed on each of the clinicians’ PC so they have view only access to their clients’ accounts.  Complete Computer Solutions solicits feedback from all users each year so that they are able to incorporate users’ suggestions into the annual updates.

The software that we were previously using was cumbersome and quite expensive.  By the luck of the draw, we have been selected the past three years for Social Security audits.  We have passed with flying colors and the auditors are very impressed with our recordkeeping.

Fiscal Services – Lane County Health & Human Services

RPM customer since 2002

Renee Hynes

A search on the Internet turned me to RPM software.  After researching many options I decided on Representative Payee Manager because it is made specifically for representative payee services.  RPM has everything we are looking for and much more. Many parts can be customized to fit individual agency needs.  There are many reporting and setup options; and the authorized payment module has made our job so much more efficient, organized, and accurate.  RPM has made payee reporting to the Social Security Administration as simple as pointing, clicking, and typing in a date range.  Wow!  Did we save time!

RPM software is one of the most user-friendly software packages I have worked with. In fact, after reading the manual, which is easily understood, I taught myself to use it and trained staff.  I contacted technical support several times while learning and each time I received prompt, courteous, and respectful service.  Even today when I need to contact RPM support, which is not often, they reply in the same day.  The updates to RPM are improvements that continue to make the software more efficient and friendly to use.  We have been using RPM for almost 4 years now and continue to be very pleased with what it has to offer.

Mainstream Living, Inc.

RPM customer since 2002

Cheryl Roush

Southeast, Inc. is one of Franklin County’s largest behavioral healthcare organizations which in addition to its many programs offers a Representative Payee program for its clients who receive Social Security and other government benefits. The program currently processes for an estimated 400 clients in two (2) different locations throughout the State of Ohio.

For several years we struggled with a regular accounting system to handle our growing program and it was just not adequate. It did not fit the needs of our clients nor could it handle the hundreds – I should say thousands of transactions we processed. We not only process daily requests for each client, but process recurring disbursements weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and bi-monthly for housing, food, client bills, personal spending, etc.

Knowing there had to be something out there, we browsed the internet one day – and to our good fortune found RPM.  I’m sure I can never justify fully the way we feel about this system. We love it and so do our clients!

The set-up is so easy it requires virtually no training.  We did the whole set up through phone contact with the support line only. It took us only thirty (30) days to get the system loaded with our information, set up our payables, and begin processing. What a seamless transition!

Transactions take hardly any time; everything is just a “click” away! The reports are so user friendly we can easily review our clients’ accounts with them; and the detail is at a level they can understand! They can easily see the transactions, a running balance of the activity on their account, and a summary of their various expenditures – detailed to any level you want!

Reports are really unlimited. This system is highly flexible. Information can easily be imported to the system in some cases and exported to Excel for further use in others. Our local Social Security office loves the way we are able to capture information necessary for quarterly and annual reporting. The bank reconciliation process is one of the smoothest I have ever seen!

I could go on and on about how thrilled we are with RPM!  And, although we hardly ever call them, the RPM staff is great!  They are always nearby if you need them.

My boss says enough already – just tell the people, Southeast says RPM Rocks!  If you have a Representative Payee Program, you need RPM!

Thanks so much to RPM and Staff!

Director of Finance – Southeast, Inc.

RPM customer since 2003