• Jessica Stover

    RPM has been a great aspect in conducting our representative payee program duties within Emergence Health Network. The software is user-friendly, making it efficient to manage client finances.

    The tech support of RPM is great; response time for questions is relatively quick. Appreciate the ability to provide feedback for program improvements in software updates.

    I would highly recommend RPM to any company providing rep payee services to streamline their processes!

    Emergence Health Network

    RPM customer since 2009

  • Emily Carr

    Horizons has been using the RPM program for about four years to keep track of our Rep Payee clients. RPM is a great system for paying bills on behalf of our clients and its robust Reports feature make completing payee accounting reports very simple and easy. RPM is intuitive, user-friendly, and easy for new staff to pick up on quickly.

    The RPM online user community is a great resource for payee to discuss how they customize and use RPM in their organizations. RPM also has a great online knowledge base with step-by-step guides that make learning the program even easier.

    I recommend RPM to any organization who is looking to save time and become more efficient with their payee clients.

    Horizons, A Family Service Alliance

    RPM customer since 2019

  • Rebecca Riddle

    Our company currently has 900+ clients thanks to RPM. We have upgraded to Cloud and absolutely love it. Any time we have a problem, we get a very fast response and highly recommend RPM for all your payee needs. The program makes it very easy to organize our clients and meets all our needs.

    B&R Payees

    RPM Cloud customer since April 2023

  • Amber Gamache

    Social Finance Services began using RPM after years of struggling with several other programs. RPM allowed time to be saved, consolidated several different systems into a single system, and have saved time for our company.  RPM is user-friendly has helpful guides when questions arise.  RPM is an asset that is well worth its money.  Cloud-based services have allowed for access that we did not have before. The customizable fields allow for documentation and keeping records in one spot.

    Social Finance Services

    RPM Cloud customer

  • Sunny Rae Yocom

    I am a single person doing Rep Payee services and limited case management for my clients. I CANNOT IMAGINE trying to handle this case load without RPM. I have used Microsoft Money (no longer available), QuickBooks, Excel, and by-hand accounting. RPM was designed for the Rep Payee and it is PERFECT! I love this system!!! I can provide each client with a personalized touch to their money and give them the information they want at the click of a button. Reports are easy to pull and make reporting to SSA a breeze!

    Anyone who wants to be a Representative Payee for one person or a million, RPM is the way to go!

    All In Fiduciary Services

    RPM customer since 2017

  • Melanie Kleiner

    Our organization started using RPM almost 3 years ago to track our payee clients. We have been so happy with this decision. Prior to this we, were using Excel, and while that was better than doing it by hand, RPM is vastly improved. We can pull reports with ease to give to our clients and for statistical usage when applying for insurance, etc.

    It is very user-friendly and doesn’t need a lot of training if you are used to using any kind of accounting software.

    The tech support is great! We ask a question and generally have an email reply within 24 hours. They are also receptive to additional ideas for improvement on reporting and are continually updating and improving the software based on recommendations from those of us who use the software.

    I would definitely recommend to any company to try using RPM to streamline your payee operations.

    Guardians Of Northeast Iowa Inc

    RPM customer since 2020

  • Jenny Duval

    RPM has been a great addition to our Representative Payee program! The software is easy to use and has greatly increased our efficiency with managing our clients’ finances. The reporting features have been very helpful in increasing accountability and communication with clients, vendors, and community partners. We are so pleased to have made the change to the RPM software!

    Family Service Association

    RPM customer since 2021

  • Cindy Groshek

    Our agency has been using the Representative Payee Manager (RPM) program for approximately 12 years.

    The software is user-friendly and allows us to easily track the information we need to report to the Social Security Administration and manage funds accurately for the individuals we serve. We especially appreciate the budgeting and scheduling capabilities as well as the recently updated procedure for running statements. These features, along with many more within RPM, allow our staff to work effectively and efficiently.  Also, Complete Computer Solutions offers great support with quick response, and I appreciate their willingness to listen to user concerns and modify the program as needs arise.

    We would definitely recommend RPM to any Representative Payee Program.

    Midstate Independent Living Choices, Inc.

    RPM customer since 2009

  • Erica Stilwell

    RPM makes accounting and all payeeship duties so much more simple. Annual accounting is quick and accurate with the various reports you can find with a simple click. Since switching to RPM, my organization was able to double our caseload with ease. Reconciliations have never been easier. The system even tracks address changes for easy reporting. I am confident that my organization could serve double what it is now and still manage the workload effectively with the help of RPM‘s software.

    Stilwell Payee Services

    RPM customer since 2018