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Changing dates for scheduled deposits and payments

If the deposit date for scheduled deposits falls on a weekend or holiday, you can change the date automatically when you process those deposits. Click Process Deps on the Transactions screen to open the Process Scheduled Deposits screen. The “Transaction Date” option near the top left of the screen will default to the “Next Deposit Date.” To use a different date for the transaction date, select the “Other Date” option and enter the desired date. Click Deposit All.

Note: The transactions will be dated on the new date, but it will not impact the next scheduled date.

In the example below, the deposits scheduled for 1/1/2023 will be dated on 12/30/2022. The next scheduled deposit will still be 2/1/2023.

This also applies to processing scheduled payments. Click Process Pmts on the Transactions screen to open the Process Scheduled Payments screen. Change the transaction date by selecting the “Other Date” option before you process payments.

The video below shows the details.