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Backing up

This article only applies to RPM Onsite licenses using a SQL Server database. To view the type of license you have, open the System Info screen under the RPM Help menu.

Backing up your data is one of the most important things you can do in RPM. If your server crashes or you get a virus, you could lose everything you entered since your last backup. Instead of taking that chance, be sure your information is being backed up on a regular basis.

You should back up your entire RPM Server folder. This folder contains the RPM program and the connection configuration to your SQL Server database(s). You can see the location of your RPM Server folder (shown as the Network Path) on the System Info screen under the RPM Help menu. If you have an automated backup process on your network, confirm that it is backing up this entire folder. If you ever need to reinstall RPM, you can restore the entire RPM Server folder from a backup.

You also need to back up your RPM SQL Server database file(s). The Data File on the System Info screen will display the name of your SQL Server database. Your IT department should handle your SQL Server backups.