Community guidelines

Thanks in advance for following these guidelines! If your conduct doesn’t align with these dos and don’ts, the RPM Community Admin reserve the right to remove you from the community.


  1. Be positive, kind, and courteous. “Like” posts and ask questions. Be friendly with others on the network. Feel free to provide feedback to other users, but please keep it constructive.
  2. Use tags like #checklayout, #reports, etc. Feel free to message an admin if you need assistance.
  3. Search before you post. There is a chance that your question has already been answered. The search function on this platform is very powerful; take advantage of it.
  4. Keep private stuff private. Double-check to ensure you are not posting confidential information (PHI, PII).
  5. Add a profile picture and fill out your profile! It’s easy and quick, and it helps people discover you as an expert.
  6. Fine-tune your email notification preferences. Go to your profile settings to set your preferred notifications under profile > settings > email (ask an admin if you have any questions).


  1. Post solicitation, spam, or content-free posts; this is a place for all of us. Don’t fill the groups with third party promotions. Violators may be banned from the network.
  2. Be negative. Constructive feedback is good, but avoid personal remarks, sarcasm, and blame.
  3. Use profanity or ALL CAPS. It looks like shouting, and it also makes others want to use profanity—it’s annoying!
  4. Wander off an RPM topic. There should be no posting about sports, religion, politics, or other things that don’t belong here.
  5. Harvest user data. If you spam members from this network, you will be banned.