Tim Weidner

RPM has really helped the Freestore Foodbank streamline our Payee program so we can spend more time with our customers and less time on accounting.  We used to have 600 individual checking accounts for our customers but thanks to RPM, now we have one consolidated account.  Before RPM, we had six people come in for an hour or two and check our bank accounts online for deposits on the first and third of the month.  Now with RPM’s bank import feature, one person simply imports all the deposits right into RPM and not have to worry about any inaccuracies.  Our customer’s wait time has really been reduced because we know they have the funds in their account and funds can be disbursed.  We are now also able to electronically transmit funds to landlords and other vendors very easily.  No more lost checks in the mail!  We even setup savings accounts for individual customers and electronically transfer funds using RPM so they do not have to travel downtown to get their weekly check.  RPM does a great job tracking and reporting all this.  We love their thorough software documentation and new updates that come out twice a year.

The Freestore Foodbank is a social services organization serving 20 counties throughout Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.  We have one of the largest Representative Payee programs in Cincinnati serving nearly 600 individuals who need Payee services.

CFO – Freestore Foodbank

RPM customer since 2012