Cheryl Roush

Southeast, Inc. is one of Franklin County’s largest behavioral healthcare organizations which in addition to its many programs offers a Representative Payee program for its clients who receive Social Security and other government benefits. The program currently processes for an estimated 400 clients in two (2) different locations throughout the State of Ohio.

For several years we struggled with a regular accounting system to handle our growing program and it was just not adequate. It did not fit the needs of our clients nor could it handle the hundreds – I should say thousands of transactions we processed. We not only process daily requests for each client, but process recurring disbursements weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and bi-monthly for housing, food, client bills, personal spending, etc.

Knowing there had to be something out there, we browsed the internet one day – and to our good fortune found RPM.  I’m sure I can never justify fully the way we feel about this system. We love it and so do our clients!

The set-up is so easy it requires virtually no training.  We did the whole set up through phone contact with the support line only. It took us only thirty (30) days to get the system loaded with our information, set up our payables, and begin processing. What a seamless transition!

Transactions take hardly any time; everything is just a “click” away! The reports are so user friendly we can easily review our clients’ accounts with them; and the detail is at a level they can understand! They can easily see the transactions, a running balance of the activity on their account, and a summary of their various expenditures – detailed to any level you want!

Reports are really unlimited. This system is highly flexible. Information can easily be imported to the system in some cases and exported to Excel for further use in others. Our local Social Security office loves the way we are able to capture information necessary for quarterly and annual reporting. The bank reconciliation process is one of the smoothest I have ever seen!

I could go on and on about how thrilled we are with RPM!  And, although we hardly ever call them, the RPM staff is great!  They are always nearby if you need them.

My boss says enough already – just tell the people, Southeast says RPM Rocks!  If you have a Representative Payee Program, you need RPM!

Thanks so much to RPM and Staff!

Director of Finance – Southeast, Inc.

RPM customer since 2003