Sunny Rae Yocom

I am a single person doing Rep Payee services and limited case management for my clients. I CANNOT IMAGINE trying to handle this case load without RPM. I have used Microsoft Money (no longer available), QuickBooks, Excel, and by hand accounting. RPM was designed for the Rep Payee and it is PERFECT! I love this […]

Melanie Kleiner

Our organization started using RPM almost 3 years ago to track our payee clients. We have been so happy with this decision. Prior to this we were using excel and while that was better than doing it by hand RPM is vastly improved. We can pull reports with ease to give to our clients and […]

Jenny Duval

RPM has been a great addition to our Representative Payee program!  The software is easy to use and has greatly increased our efficiency with managing our clients’ finances.  The reporting features have been very helpful in increasing accountability and communication with clients, vendors and community partners.  We are so pleased to have made the change […]

Cindy Groshek

Our Agency has been using the Representative Payee Management (RPM) program for approximately 12 years. The software is user friendly and allows us to easily track the information we need to report to the Social Security Administration and manage funds accurately for the individuals we serve. We especially appreciate the budgeting and scheduling capabilities as […]

Erica Stilwell

RPM makes accounting and all payeeship duties so much more simple. Annual accounting is quick and accurate with the various reports you can find with a simple click. Since switching to RPM, my organization was able to double our caseload with ease. Reconciliations have never been easier. The system even tracks address changes for easy […]

Tyler Amundson

RPM has been a blessing to our work.  It is the first software we have found that is geared toward a payee program and due to that it gives us time to focus on our clients.  The user-friendly software helps us to track financials, case notes and find things from our history very quickly.  The ease of […]

Becky Prefontaine

We transitioned to RPM from a multi program in house modified accounting software a year and a half ago. We were considering 3 different software programs and ultimately decided on RPM because it brought everything we wanted into 1 system and felt so personalized for our type of work. Our old software was very time […]

Donene Seelbach

The Arc of New Mexico Rep Payee Program has been using RPM since 2008. The RPM Program is easy to use and train new employee’s on. The reports that the RPM program generates satisfies Social Security, Income Support Division, and Judges requirements as it covers everything in detail. The program has a “user friendly” layout. […]

Anne Bosler

RPM really streamlines our Payee program. We have 150+ clients and I cannot imagine dealing with individual checking accounts for our customers. Thanks to RPM, we have one consolidated account. RPM enables us to track statistics very easily. It has made payee reporting to the Social Security Administration as simple as pointing, clicking, and typing […]

Rita Sanders

We have used RPM for about 4 years now. It made my life so much easier! It is a very user-friendly program, easy to learn, and records everything. We changed from Quickbooks to RPM and because this program is designed for rep payees it cut back on so much labor. It is easy to record […]