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A user guide, as well as on-line help, is included with the software. You can view or print a copy of the User Guide on the Technical Support screen under the Help menu in RPM or on your Start menu under All Programs, Representative Payee Manager, RPM User Guide. You can also download the User Guide.

Send an e-mail message with your question or problem. Select Contact Us to send a message.

Call us at (812) 923-0910, Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm Eastern time.

Remote support and training is available for $100/hour. Contact Us for details.


The latest version of RPM is 5.1.0. You can see what version you currently have installed on the System Info screen under the Help menu in RPM. To download the latest upgrade, click on the link below.

RPM Upgrade

If you have the RPM SQL license, use the following link instead:

RPM SQL Upgrade


RPM Training


Check Paper and MICR Information

Check Layout Set Up

Debit Card Vendors

Instructions for running the RPM Client on a Terminal or Citrix Server

Instructions for moving RPM to a new server

Instructions for RPM SQL Server Database

Instructions for testing RPM SQL Connection