About Our Company

Complete Computer Solutions, Inc. has been in business since 1992 and we have been serving the needs of guardian and representative payee organizations since 1997.  Our RPM Software has been sold across the United States since 2000.  Today we work with organizations in almost every state.

The accounting and data management needs of Representative payee businesses are unique in their nature and manner. It is extremely important for us to understand how you work today in order to create solid solutions that will help you work better and smarter in the future. Our experience and our commitment make a difference.

RPM isn’t a regular accounting package that can be made to work for rep payees. RPM isn’t an add-on module to a corporate accounting package.  RPM hasn’t been morphed or converted into a solution for rep payees. RPM has from the beginning and continues to specifically service rep payee and guardians organizations, both large and small.

Complete Computer Solutions has designed and built custom computer applications for many different types of organizations. No matter what the job, there is always a commitment to excellence for every staff member involved. Each of us at CCS take personal pride in the work we produce and we make every effort to satisfy your computing needs.

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