Check Layout

Use the Check Layout screen under the Utilities, Set Up menu in RPM to set up your check layout. The default layout in RPM is set for pre-numbered voucher checks with the check on top followed by two check stubs. If you are using a different format, you can use one of the sample check layouts below as a starting point for your specific check layout.

You should select your Check Type on the screen first. If your check paper has three checks per page, select “Standard Checks” for your Check Type and use the 3 Checks Per Page format below. If your check paper has a single check per page, select “Voucher Checks” for your Check Type and use the format that matches your check paper – check on the top, middle or bottom of the page.

Next, you should select your Check # option. If your checks are pre-printed with the check number and account information, select “Use Numbered Checks” for the Check # option. The Blank Check Fields tab will be disabled and you will only need to update the Check Layout tab for your check layout. If you are using blank check paper, select “Print Check Numbers” for the Check # option. You will need to update both the Check Layout and Blank Check Fields tabs for your check layout.

Click the Help button at the top right of the RPM menu when you have the Check Layout screen open to get detailed instructions for setting up your check layout.

Sample check layouts:

Check/Stub/Stub format

Stub/Check/Stub format

Stub/Stub/Check format

3 Checks Per PageĀ format

Additional information on check paper and MICR information is available below:

Check Paper and MICR information